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Predator Hunting Mounts
   Bill Robinson
331 West Main Street
Millville , NJ 08332-4319
Phone: 856-207-1708
Serious trophy hunters know that being able to consistently catch the biggest of Pope &
Young and Boone & Crockett big game animals on a trail camera is an important key to
an extreme trophy hunters success. The bigger the trophy hunted means dealing with a
smarter and more illusive the animal. Therefore the need for extreme scouting efforts are
going to be a must. With todays ever advancing trail camera technology you would think
scouting tasks would be easy. But as more and more trail camera's increasingly penetrate
the woods. The more trophy big game animals are becoming aware that trail camera's
mean a human which also means danger. Therefore, the ever increasing need to hide the
camera gets more important with every trip to the woods and the old standard strap
methods just aren't getting the job done any more. So, because we know you hunt like a
predator by either hiding high in a tree or deeply concealed in a brush. Don't you think
your trail camera should be hunting like a predator as well?
Predator Hunting Mounts now allows your trail camera's hunt & scout as hard and as
stealthy as you do. With our full line of Professional Game Camera Mounts, hunters can
now take advantage of any problem or situation and now place their choice of any
model or brand of trail camera in unsuspected and unnoticeable places. We have a full
line of Screw In Systems, Ground Stake Systems, Security and Public Land Systems and
none of the require the use of tools in the field. That's right serious trophy hunters!!! You
can now have the option to PLACE YOUR TRAIL CAMERA WHERE YOU WANT IT! No
Longer are you limited to just place the camera where there is "the only tree" or "the
only right size tree" available. So, get a Predator Hunting Mount for your camera today
and we know you will find yourself mounting your trail camera's in places you never
thought were before possible. Hunters will always be able to face their cams in the right
direction to avoid sun exposures and still be able to catch all the trophy big game action.
There will no longer be the need for human scent soaked mounting straps that can be
seen by trespassers, thieves or poachers. No more dealing with crooked trees or ones that
are either too small or too big for the strap provided. No more wedging those camera
breaking sticks behind your camera to obtain the correct angle. No more using the
always too short and quick to stretch out bungee cords. No more trips to the woods for
just ONE picture of a startled trophy buck that just found your trail camera. Bottom line
it is time for you to start scouting as serious as you hunt! Don't just hunt like a predator,
Predator Hunting Mounts also manufactures a full line of custom made Action Camera
Bow Mounts for all makes and models of Digital and HD point of view action camera's.
Now hunters can capture their hunting experiences on camera to share with family and
friends. Our mounts are being used nationwide by hunters ranging from the professional
outdoor show film crews to weekend amateur hunter just wanting to post their
experiences to YouTube. Each Predator Hunting Mount is made in the USA for Serious
Trophy Hunters by Serious Trophy Hunters. Get your action mounts today so you to can
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POV Action/Video
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Trophy Whitetail Hunts
Trophy Whitetail Hunts
If you are hunting like a predator?
If you are hunting like a predator?
Quality hunting products made for Trophy hunters by Trophy hunters!
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