Bill Robinson is the one hunting buddy that you want to have with you while going after trophy class whitetails. With having over 37 years of whitetail hunting experience, Bill has taken well over 250+ whitetails during his hunting career. To this day
his number one passion is to be in the woods scouting for the biggest whitetail he can find. But because we all are in need of a job to fund the much needed money to feed our hunting addictions, Bill has been a machinist by trade since he was a young
lad. So with the passion for whitetail hunting, like the rest of us Bill finally entered the world of scouting through the use of game cameras. But as we have all experienced while using trail cameras, he found himself frustrated with the limited
mounting options available with only the strap that was provided by the camera manufacturer. So....with combining his a creative mind with the strong background of being an expert machinist. Bill designed and created the "NO MORE STRAPS FOR ME
SOLUTION" to solve his trail camera mounting issues. Thus.... the very 1st Predator Hunting Mount was born. To the left you can view a buck that Bill harvested in 2012 with the use of his Predator Hunting Mount and a trail camera. Bill Got his first
picture of this buck on November 25th. At that time he decided to set his sights on just that one specific buck and he was not going to settle for any other deer. Bill hunted the buck hard to the point he even sat five weeks straight in the stand to not
even see one deer. Knowing most all hunters would just give up and quit under those circumstances. Bill stayed dedicated to the hunt due to his trail camera kept telling him that the Jersey style trophy whitetail buck was still in the woods. And as far
as Bill was concerned it had his name on it and he wasn't gonna rest until the buck was either on his wall or that years season had came to an end. As you can see on January 14th 2012...."BILL WON THE BATTLE WITH THAT BUCK!!" Congratulations
In 2011, as fate would have it Bill met up with Brett Homer of Backwoods Whitetails Outfitters to booked himself a trip to hunt for trophy whitetails in Illinois. As you can imagine, Brett & Bill hit it right off as friends due to both of them having a
strong passion for harvesting trophy whitetail bucks.  Now Bill knew that Brett ran several trail cameras every year. So he made Brett a couple of his signature trail camera mounts to try in the whitetail woods of Illinois. So when Brett got the
opportunity to see and use one of Bills personal trail camera mounts. He then told Bill he needed to do the rest of the hunting world a favor and put them out on the market. Bill was hesitant at first, due to he didn't need anything cutting into his
hunting time. But with just a little encouragement, Bill soon understood just what it was that he had to offer to serious whitetail hunters. Bill Robinson is now excited to know that his custom trail camera mounts are now being used nationwide by the
most serious of big game hunters.
Bill Robinson
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