The Predator GSC70 Adapter Bracket is a perfectly designed mount that not only allows for
more camera placement options. But we also designed our adapter to fix & replace the
poorly designed screw on strap bracket placed on the back of the Hunten Outdoors
GSC10-70IR, GSC20-70IR & GSC22-T70IR camera models. Our Predator GSC70 adapter allows
these cameras to placed not only in any desired scouting location. But they can now be hung
at a higher level and faced at a downward angle. This option makes the cameras featured TV
review Screen more user friendly by allowing hunters to view the screen more easily during
both set up and playback reviews. Now your Hunten Cams can
Contact Predator Hunting Mounts to purchase adapters for the
following Hunten Outdoors trail camera models:  GSC40-50IR,
GSC50-80IR & GSC52-T80IR
Hunten GSC10-70IR
Hunten GSC22-T70IR
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Now the Bungee Cord Bull Mounting systems are a thing of the
past. With the use of Predators WGI-S adapter. Hunters can now
mount up Hunten trail camera Models GSC30-30IR & GSC30-50IR
Model Camera's like each trail camera needs to be successful.
Hunten GSC30-G0IR
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Predator Hunting Mounts has taken all Hunten Outdoor Game Camera's and made them more user friendly. We have
designed both standard and security mount adapters that are used in conjunction with our signature screw in
mounting system. Hunten cams can now be mounted where you want them instead of just where the strap system
permits. Predator has Python locking adapters for use with the following models of Hunten Outdoor game camera's.
GSC35-20IR, GSC35-40IR & GSC35-50IR.  So get yourself a Predator Trail Cam adapter so that your Hunten
Outdoors trail cameras can start