When you reserve a hunt with Backwoods Whitetails Outfitters in the Fulton County of West Central Illinois. You will be deer hunting in one of the finest area's known for trophy
whitetail deer hunting
.  Backwoods Outfitters is located in Ipava, Illinois which is smack dab in the middle of some very incredible Illinois deer hunting country. Our Outfitting Lodge
is located between the Mississippi and Illinois River valleys where the mineral rich soil & habitat is perfect for growing
large bodied whitetail bucks with nice racks. And at Backwoods
deer hunting lodge & guide service, we have all of the major ingredients needed for having an honest & quality deer hunting experience.
The Backwoods Whitetails Lodge has private guest rooms complete with television & wireless internet, a scent free laundry facility, indoor trophy & meat care area, a large dining room,
a large living area and home cooked meals.
affordable whitetail hunting is conducted on a few thousand acres of private leased farms in some of Illinois best deer hunting territory. Though Backwoods is a just a small town
mom & pop guide service. We are not just the typical seasonal hunting operation that only operates during the fall. We are frequently visiting, scouting and always improving our
year round to help create the best whitetail deer hunting experience possible. Although we do not match the specific needs for each & every style of hunter. Our reputation
precedes itself as one of the best
whitetail deer hunting lodges & outfitters still operating in Illinois. It is our personal goal for each of our hunters to have 100% satisfying experience
while at our
hunting camp. Compared against other whitetail deer hunting lodges & outfitters, we feel that our Illinois whitetail guide service is amongst the finest in the state of Illinois.
The main things that we feel sets our
whitetail hunts apart from others outfitters is "there are no antler restrictions or antler minimums while hunting at Backwoods Whitetails".
Therefore hunters can actually relax during their hunts knowing that they are free to harvest any buck of their choosing without the worry of  being imposed with those ridiculous hunting
fines & trophy fee's. Each hunter and/or group of hunters will be hunting
your own exclusive private farms for the duration of their hunt. Each farm is complete with preset tree stands, the
assistance from a lifetime resident guide, current
trail cam pictures and the total freedom to move on your own to hunt the farm as you so choose.
While looking for a
whitetail deer hunting outfitter. Remember that there are many hunting outfitters, not all are honest, not all will have your best of intentions in mind and not all
outfitters will be tailor made to fit for your specific needs in a
whitetail hunting trip. Be thorough in your research to make sure you are exhausting every effort to find the right camp, the
right hunt and the right experience "FOR YOU".
If this is your first trip to the
mid west hunting whitetails. Then you will not know that "management programs are just a sales gimmick" used to encourage you to believe that the
whitetails living in a 100% wild & free roaming atmosphere, are only available to be harvested by that outfitters hunters. Well, we want our hunters to know upfront that we personally
feel it is a dishonest practice to impose a fine upon a hunt and/or a hunter for harvesting a deer that is 100% wild, not the sole property of the
outfitter and that would be free for the taking
to any neighboring hunter. Remember that the threat of being fined for a deer that is deemed "only by the outfitter" as an inferior animal, does not & will not stop the deer from freely
crossing onto a neighboring property, nor is that fine being imposed upon any of the neighboring hunters in the event that they choose to harvest that animal. All trophy fine's go straight into
the outfitters wallet where it will never continue the spreading of a whitetails genetics. Trophy fines paid will not bring the deer back to life nor does it make other bucks bigger. Although
it is our hopes that all of our hunters experience and harvest nothing but biggest of mature bucks. We personally feel that hunting is an individual sport where each hunter has the privilege
of exercising their own views & opinions as to what is a trophy and what has made their hunt a success. At Backwoods Whitetails we hope to educate & assist hunters to achieve success,
share hunting experiences, share good time and make good friends eating good food. Our goal is to be the place where the guides are honest, the hunting is real and memories will always
and forever matter more than the score.   
Hunters can choose from several types of hunts here at Backwoods. We offer one 7 day archery
pre rut hunt during the first week of October for those who like to hunt whitetail bucks that
are not in a
peak rut stage. We also offer 3 different weeks, during the peak rut, to bow hunt whitetails for 6 days along with 1 week to archery hunt for 5 days right before the 1st
firearm season. We also offer a limited amount of
shotgun deer hunts during the Illinois 1st firearm season and 2nd firearm seasons. We follow the 2nd firearm season up by offering
just a couple of spots to hunt during the
Illinois Muzzle Loader Only Season. Then we end our season with one week / 7 days of bow hunting winter whitetails during the post rut in
January. If any of this sounds like the hunt that you have been looking for? Then give us a call at 309-224-2853 or send us at email to info@backwoodswhitetails.com to reserve your hunt
Illinois Shotgun Hunts
Guided Trophy whitetail hunts in the
Golden triangle of Fulton County in West
Central Illinois. Our hunts are 100% wild
& fair chase archery hunts, firearm hunts,
crossbow hunts, muzzle loader hunt &
youth whitetail hunts for Pope & Young
trophy trophy deer!
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P.O. Box 372 / 240 West Main Street, Ipava, IL 61441
Phone# 309-224-2853  or Email: info@backwoodswhitetails.com
Backwoods Whitetail's Outfitters
Good Food, Good Friends, Good times and Great Hunting experiences!
Where the hunting is real and the memories matter more than the score!
We Support the TRUE AMERICA
Licensed Illinois Whitetail Outfitters
Backwoods Whitetails
P.O. Box 372
240 West Main St.
Ipava, IL 61441
Phone: 309-224-2853
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WELCOME, to Backwoods Whitetails Outfitters. We greatly
appreciate your interest in hunting with our guide service and we
hope that you will find everything you are looking for in an Illinois
whitetail guide service.  
Backwoods Whitetails is a resident state licensed outfitter located in
Fulton County of West Central Illinois. We have been successfully
guiding hunters to trophy midwest whitetails since 2004. All of our
hunts are 100% Wild & Fair Chase hunts that are conducted on
privately owned & leased farmland in Fulton County of west central
Illinois. All guides are Illinois residents that have several years of
experience with hunting whitetails. Each and every one of our
hunting seasons have been repeated with both high opportunity
rates and high overall success rates from 50 - 68%. Although we do
not impose trophy fines, trophy fee's or have antler minimums.
Each year our hunters have consistently harvested both Pope &
Young and Boone & Crockett class bucks. Combine all of that with
home cooked meals, clean & comfortable lodging and you can
understand why Backwoods Whitetails Outfitters is a top choice for
hunters looking for the perfect Illinois Whitetail Outfitter.     
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     CURRENT AVAILABLE OPENINGS (as of 1-1-2019)
8 - Openings
7 Day Early Season Bow: $1900.oo October 6th -12th

6 Day PEAK RUT Bow Hunts: $2300.oo
      2 Openings - (wk #1) October 26th thru 31st
 "BOOKED" -  (wk #2) November 2nd thru 7th
1 Opening - (wk #3) November 9th thru 14th
 5 Day Peak Rut Bow Hunt: $2100.oo
    2 Openings -(wk#4)  November 16th thru 20th

 Firearm Hunts
"BOOKED" 3 Day 1st Firearm: $2300.oo November 22nd - 24th
"BOOKED" 4 Day 2nd Firearm: $2100.oo December 5th - 8th
2 Openings 3 Day Muzzleloader: $1900.00 December 13th - 15th